Using Ozone Generators at Home

I was getting ready to have a party. I am quite a clean person, so my house wasn’t very messy to begin with. Unfortunately, my pet got into some muddy water and tracked it around a few days before the party. The mud was easy to clean up, but the smell of our wet pet […]

The Best Way to Remove Mold

There are usually four main areas to a home.  These areas are the attic, the walls, the flooring, and the basement. Some homes only have three of these things, but either way, mold can get into any of them. There are different ways to get rid of mold, but it can be difficult. Mold has […]

Are Pool Ozone Generators Dangerous?

You may have heard that ozone generators are dangerous. While that may be true, ozone is only dangerous if you breathe it in. Whenever you breathe in ozone, it can damage your lungs. It also affects your esophagus and respiratory lining. Your inner walls are very tender, so the charged oxygen molecules will get into […]

How to Kill Mold with an Ozone Generator

Water damage is difficult to deal with for anyone. Aside from the darkened area of the material or the sagging surface, it can also grow mold. Mold is a dangerous fungus that can plague your respiratory system and cause lots of problems for you. Some people may even be sensitive to it, causing sickness problems […]