What Are Digital Microscopes

Digital microscope is an optical microscope, which is one of the oldest and most simple microscopes used today which has a CCD (charged-coupled device) camera built in and used to view magnified specimens and samples. 

Digital microscope falls under the category of a compound microscope, which means it has at least two lenses and provides high resolution.

With certain types of compound microscope, can be connected to a computer to enable them to produce images to be saved to a hard drive.

Using a combination of technology, digital microscopes plays an important role in education and research.

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Most of the microscope is built on the same basis as a light microscope or other optical. With a regular stereo compound microscope, there will be an eyepiece. It is called the ocular lens. A digital microscope using a digital camera to focus the image instead of the eyepiece.

For most of their digital microscope magnification depends on the optics of the objective lens. How much magnification you can get with a digital microscope depends on the size of the monitor and the resolution of the camera used. 

Digital zoom, or magnification, manipulate the image to make it larger. Most digital microscopes have high resolution cameras so that images they produce do not appear yellow.

Although the high resolution can reduce the image, the actual magnification is limited by how large specimens can be reproduced on a computer monitor. 

Most monitors have a small display screen. The monitor can be three point five or less. There are larger computer monitors such as monitors fifteen inches but even this measure limits the size of the image. 

With digital microscope has the additional advantage of being able to display images so they can be printed. For those using a microscope a lot to create less eye strain.

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