Everything You Need to Know About Installing Skylights in Your Home

Skylights are the best way to bring more natural light to your home. Only one skylight can dramatically change your room by adding 30% more natural light than a window.

This helps you save energy and makes your home warmer during winter. At first glance, Skylights may seem inexpensive because the quality 2×4 foot skylights along with the flashing kit start at $ 100 to $ 400. You can also look for skylight installation via

However, you should consider adding $ 3000 to the installation costs. That being said you first need to evaluate carefully if installing a skylight is the right thing for your home.

Until recently had the roof slope was determined if you could install ceiling lights. Flat or too steep roofs require special tools and techniques.

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However, many of the ceiling kits available today include comprehensive installation kits and procedures that allow it to be installed on all types of roofs.

Because most skylights are meant to be installed on the roof with asphalt shingles, you may need to pay extra for installation if you have tile or metal roof.

Answer these questions to determine whether your home needs skylight:

Does your roof have rolls? The frame is usually about 24 inches in the middle and accommodates 2 feet of lighting. But you have to cut the frame immediately to install something wider. This will require hiring a structural engineer who can end up with an additional $ 300.

Is your attic room clean? Check your attic for cables, pipes, and HVAC.

Is a chase needed? The chase is just a framed tunnel that will channel sunlight through the ceiling, through your attic, and into your room.

It can be finished with drywall and then painted. Professional installations that require this will cost around $ 1000. You don't need to chase if you have a cathedral ceiling.

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