Refinishing Of Hardwood Floor – Do It Yourself

Even though perfecting wooden floors requires time, patience and requires the right tools, it is not difficult to do. Also, the results will be amazing so you can see your floor and be proud of the extraordinary work done to restore the sparkle. If you are looking for lake bluff hardwood surface refinishing then you can search for various online sources.

The process of tidying up your hardwood flooring involves three steps – sanding, coloring and finishing the floor. The steps are listed below:

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To begin with, you need to clean all the furniture and rugs. Wear a mask to protect yourself from dust and check your nails or other objects on the floor.

If you choose to stain the floor after sanding, you must clean the floor or dust. Make sure even the fine dust is cleaned and apply the first layer of stain to the floor. You can use a cloth or brush if you need a thicker layer of stain. Let the first coat dry and if you are satisfied with the appearance, don't use another coat.

To solve this, you must use polyurethane. You can apply it with a brush or roller and let it dry. It takes about 4-5 hours to dry, depending on the brand you use. If you have used a second coat, you should let it dry overnight. Do not use the room for several days. You can bring your furniture back in only 3-4 days after that.

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