Ways to Stop Dog From Digging Under Fence

Maybe you think you have already done everything you can think of to keep your dog from digging a hole under your fence to escape your yard. You've probably already refilled or plugged the holes they have have already dug, but they continue to dig new ones. This can be so exhausting trying to stay one step ahead of a determined digging dog!

What you might not have yet considered is investing in an invisible fence. It has been a last resort for other dog owners that just could not stop their pet from digging no matter what they tried. These invisible fences are affordable for most people and they can be easy to install depending on which type to choose to go with.

A wireless invisible fence can be set up in your yard and can cover so much ground with one unit. If you have a very large flat yard, you can purchase an additional unit. They can be up running and working in a couple of hours or less.

An in ground wired invisible fence will take more time to install, but they work well with yards that may not be completely flat. Visit a site like Doggy Bakery and get more information on brands like PetSafe or SportDog to determine which invisible fence will keep your dog from digging their way to freedom!

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