Physician and Healthcare Leaders – Are You Making Critical Leadership Mistakes?

Betraying trust

Individuals quit leaders that are untrustworthy. Trust in the pioneer is essential if people will adhere to the leader as time passes. Trust is developed through consistency in behaviour and when words and deeds are congruent.

Not living up to your worth

Take time to consider what your worth is. We frequently don’t reflect on what is our actual values. When values and actions are incongruent, you have anxiety and may be ineffective. You can navigate to online sources to know how to report unsafe working conditions.

Being too enamoured with your vision

A physician leader should recognize when changes will need to be created and be inclined to make the modifications. Healthcare leaders must face the facts and make tough choices.

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Displaying private selves

People don’t care how much you know until they know you care. Arrogant leaders are rarely effective, in the long term. Arrogant leaders alienate the individuals they work with.

Feeling too quickly

You should plan, get input, and pay attention, you will not need to spend time doing damage control. Some decisions require rapid decisions, like emergencies.

Being inconsistent

Putting up a strong front and not admitting you made a mistake so you can appear confident before your people aren’t authentic. They will be relieved you understand so everyone can move forward and solve the matter.

Not being self-reflective

Take a realistic look at yourself and determine those areas that are not your own strengths. Identify your strengths. Many evaluations are readily available to help you.

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