Are Pool Ozone Generators Dangerous?

You may have heard that ozone generators are dangerous. While that may be true, ozone is only dangerous if you breathe it in. Whenever you breathe in ozone, it can damage your lungs. It also affects your esophagus and respiratory lining. Your inner walls are very tender, so the charged oxygen molecules will get into your esophagus and lungs and try to pair with them.

It will cause discomfort in your body and lead to coughing, inflammation, and more. However, when it generates ozone in the water, you’ll be completely fine. You won’t be breathing in water and it will break down before it reaches you in the air.

With the ozone pumping through the water, it will kill microbes like bacteria and viruses. It will also kill algae and things that are trying to grow in your water. If you’re still unsure about it, you can always turn off the ozone generator and wait 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes, the ozone will turn back into normal oxygen and it will be as if it was never even there in the first place.

You can have it running constantly, so you’ll never see any sort of greenness in your pools. You may still have to use a bit of chlorine or other chemicals, but you can get by with a lot less while using an ozone generator. Either way you look at it, it’s completely safe for you to use an ozone generator for your pool.

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