How to Kill Mold with an Ozone Generator

Water damage is difficult to deal with for anyone. Aside from the darkened area of the material or the sagging surface, it can also grow mold. Mold is a dangerous fungus that can plague your respiratory system and cause lots of problems for you. Some people may even be sensitive to it, causing sickness problems and lung infections.

Those with lung diseases can also be affected, making things like asthma and mesothelioma even worse. This is because mold produces spores, which is what we breathe in to cause these problems. If you have mold, you will have mold spores. When working with things like mold, you should wear a mask and gloves, or other protective things to keep it off and out of your body.

DC 911 has many resources to get rid of mold. One of the things that helps is an ozone generator. Ozone is dangerous to people, but you can run it in uninhabited areas. Before using one, you should leave the room, as well as any pet or plant.

All organic material can be affected by ozone, considering it is highly reactive and can mesh badly with our cells. This is especially true with our lungs, since they are what get touched by the gasses. It will cause your lungs to become swollen and painful, so be sure to use an ozone generator whenever you’re not in the room or home.

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