The little known wi-fi antenna

A point-to-point wireless internet antenna is used to beam wireless internet from one location to another using the internet you already have. The technology is excellent for sending your wireless internet across your property to another building, allowing wireless internet using your existing network, with no limitation as to how many antennas you can have on your network it equates to a money saver for you in the long-term. For more information click here.

It is important to ensure that both antennas are within the line of sight of each other, be sure that there is a clear and unobstructed line between both, this will allow optimum service on the network.

How does it work?

The process itself is simple. The first antenna is plugged directly into your router and is placed outside of the building to advance the signal strength. The other location you are looking to have internet is then equipped with an antenna which receives the original internet signal. This antenna then distributes the wired or wireless internet signal throughout the location. The process is repeated until the whole property has internet coverage.

What are the advantages?

The first and most obvious advantage is the money you will save by not having to purchase multiple subscription modems and routers from your internet service provider. Your whole property will have internet coverage all the while still only paying your regular fee. The technology is adequate for coverage of a normal sized 2 to 3 bedroom house and garden and readily available. 

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