The Way to Improve The Welding Process of Galvanized Steel Sheet

The welding process of galvanized steel consistently makes us a headache. By way of instance, among organizations’ air outlet of this coolers consists of welding 2mm-thickness galvanized steel sheets.

Because the Galvanized steel sheet has been compacted by SMAW (shielded metal arc welding), the Sheet isn’t only burning through but also awful mix. It is very easy to create a whole lot of sand porosity. Therefore, this guide will present how to enhance the welding means of steel.

Initial procedure flow:

The first step is to butt welding and adjusting the welding line. Secondly, step would be to weld with protected metal arc welding. The DIA of all electrode is 2.5mm with the caliber: J422. The welding electricity is currently 40-80A. Arc voltage is 14-20V. The weld rate is 18-25cm/minutes.

The Reason Behind flaw:

There’s a coating of Zinc in the face of Steel Sheet, so a few small explosion would happen during the welding process. Once the shape of welding lineup is awful after the explosion, there will be a lot of sand porosities after cleaning the weld line. If you would like to get more information on galvanized steel framing (Also known as “โครงเหล็กชุบสังกะสี” in the Thai language), you can visit the reliable resources online.

In the event the electric current is strong, the 2mm-thickness galvanized sheet is going to be penetrated, which leave the galvanized sheets with different big or smaller welding overlaps. In the event the electrical current is tender, the welding host to this sheet would not be burnt completely. The combination is bad, so the weld line will be readily fall off.

Progress Method:

Primarily, Butt and fix the weld line. The weld portion of stainless steel sheet should be cleaned by sulfuric acid (40%-60%) as a way to eliminate the acidity layer on that part. Subsequent to the Zinc layer is totally removed, the residue of sulfur acid on the sheets should be cleaned twice or twice by clean water.

Secondly, the residue water onto the sheets needs to be dried by 2-4 kilogram compacted air in avoiding of the bubble.

Thirdly, it is necessary to change the SMAW to argon arc weld. The banner no. Of argon arc, weld machine is WAE-315S using DC welding. The present is 90-110A. The W-needle is f 2.4mmX150mm. The welding speed is 5-10cm/minutes.

Most importantly, through the modified way for its improvement of original weld procedure, the welding flaw vanishes. Besides, the environment pollution and also the health harm for workers has been diminished.

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