How to Prepare A Cool And Refreshing Smoothie

In the extreme summer days, there is hardly anything which can give you cool and refreshing feeling. In that situation, you can simply try a smoothie to get rid of the utter hotness. You can also add various types of ingredients to it which can keep your body cool and hydrate. Watermelon is a great fruit which you can use in the smoothie to have many benefits. This will keep your body cool and you will be able to rehydrate your body. The best part is that you can make the smoothie delicious with the help of various recipes. It is also easy to make this at home in your own smoothie maker. There are immense benefits of preparing the smoothie at home. You can be confident about the hygienic and pure smoothie when you prepare it on your own.

At the time of preparing the smoothie at home, you should be sure that all the ingredients are natural and fresh. You should also avoid putting the artificial sweeteners, colors etc. to it.

Amazing watermelon smoothie

You easily prepare this smoothie at home with these easily available ingredients.

–    Two cups of seedless watermelon must be chopped

–    One tablespoon of fresh, chopped mint or basil leaves

–    One tablespoon agave nectar or honey

–    Three or four ice cubes

–    Two cups strawberries, nearly 400 grams

–    One tablespoon lime juice

Process of preparing

The process of preparing this starts with putting watermelon in the smoothie maker. Blend this ingredient well and make it smooth. Now put the rest of the ingredients and put the smoothie maker at the high speed. You should make sure that the mixture is drinkable easily. In a day you can serve it twice or thrice to get the mind-blowing refreshments.

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