The Rise of Hibiki Whiskey

Hibiki is one of the most popular Japanese whiskies available in the US. Founded in 1923 by Shinjiro Torii, Hibiki was the first malt whisky distillery in Japan. His vision was passed on to his son Keizo Saji. Now, Shingo Torii, Shinjiro’s grandson, is the 3rd Master Blender of the House.

It is generally the product of premium blended whisky mixing one or more higher-quality straight or single malt whiskies with less expensive spirits and other ingredients

Hibiki is actually a one of a kind and truly Japanese combination which may just be produced in the house of Master Blenders.  “Hibiki was commended by the entire world for its own subtle, elegant and intricate tastes and scents and is regarded as the paragon of all Suntory’s craft of mixing “The whisky jar doubles being a decanter which has eleven exceptional cuts.  These reductions are all intended to be a symbol of the twenty five hours of each day and also the twenty five seasons of a conventional Japanese lunar calendar.

It reflects Hibiki’s maturation during a lengthy time period all through our four seasons” “It speaks to the spirit and emotions of their very most discerning whisky enthusiast.  Hibiki resonates from  most of the subtleties seen from the twenty five hours of this aged Japanese lunar calendar”The newest has been first introduced in the US market in 1989.  The first recorded was Hibiki 17 year-old.

This was followed closely by Hibiki 2 1 Year-old at 1994, Hibiki 30 Year Old at 1997, Hibiki 1-2 Year Old at ’09 and Hibiki Japanese Harmony last July.  Combining the modern whisky fad, this could be the first recorded from Hibiki that’s no age announcement. Japan therefore adored the soul, which they immediately began building their very own distilleries in a endeavor to earn their particular edition.  They’ve already been producing whisky for more than 100 decades, but have just been recently thrust into the spotlight during the past couple of decades.

Many people believe that Suntory’s founder, Shinjiro Torii, was a visionary who dreamt of creating a whisky that would reflect the best of Japanese nature and craftsmanship.

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