Basic Information About Home Media Setup

People usually have many digital content ranging from wedding videos and family photos to their favorite movies and songs. You may own an external monitor with high quality to view these images though their screen might not be large enough to appreciate every detail. Your simple speakers could also be insufficient in giving justice to the awesomeness of your music and the sounds of your videos.

Imagine experiencing them all in a brand new way with greater detail on a bigger screen and their sounds being more crisp while seating comfortably at the living room. You may think this is possible only for those technologically inclined individuals but having a home media setup is surprisingly easy. Setting this network provides you with many advantages and features which is absolutely free.

TV is normally better than the average computer monitors which this setup enabling you to watch high definition television shows and streaming web videos. Recording them is even possible if you want to view them again at a later time. This is possible because your computer acts as the media server to control every function easily.

Watching high definition TV shows typically requires you to connect an antenna of high quality to it using coaxial cable. With the network, connect the antenna to the computer directly which allows even older TVs to play digital videos. This also allows you to record them for future playback of your favorite shows without needing to rent them.

This allows you also to access all the media you accumulated in your hard drive and all the content available for online streaming. You could watch all those from free streaming sites on your large television and even those from paid services as well. This makes it easier for everyone to watch the shows without needing to huddle in front of the computer.

Controlling all these features does not need you to carry around the keyboard and mouse when you set your home theater this way. Full access for remote control is possible with an interface that is friendly for users on your TV like accessing hard drive, bringing up internet content and recording live shows. You can play, pause or preview every recorded materials you possess.

You need various components for this though beginning with the media service which must preferably be a desktop computer. Using this over laptop is more practical since you may need to incorporate television tuner cards or an additional storage space. This should be able to still function normally even when running the network.

Tuner cards are needed for recording programs received by your computer into your hard drive and are attached to the motherboard. Media server software is also used for cataloging and manipulating all digital content with a simple interface. There are different ones available with various features that are available.

Media extenders are utilized in taking data from hard drive to the server then display it on the television with each needing their own. Connecting these devices may be done using Ethernet cables or via wireless network. If doing the latter, make sure the devices have wireless adapter compatible.

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