Solar Panels For Your Home

There are several items to think about before you install your finished solar panels. If you just completed building your own panels, then the pride that goes with your achievement is at a all time high, but now you just realized you have to mount them! Don’t panic, I will explain to you how I installed my solar panels in step-by-step directions. Let’s begin!

Select a place for your solar panels-This is a really critical decision, you need to find your panels so that they get the best full sun for the whole year. I suggest a southerly exposure facing the sun at about a 45-degree angle. Commercial systems use sophisticated tracking that follows the sun during the day, maintaining the summit sun focused all day long.

If roof mounting, and you’re lucky to have a southern exposure to sunlight, all the better.
Measure two substances to use-Being associate with building (electric), I’ve come up with what I believe is the best mounting method to withstand all kinds of weather. Using 10′ lengths of the station called strut, I’ve devised a mounting system that’s powerful and makes mounting your solar panels easy.┬áCheck out If you want to know more about Solar Panels For Your Home.

Mounting you strut channel-Always remember safety first, particularly if you choose to scale the roof yourself! If you’re unsure of yourself, seek the services of this part. Design two 10′ lengths of strut parallel to each other allowing 4 inches from each end of the solar panel.

if your solar framework is 30 inches long then 4 inches from each end will be 30 inches minus 8 inches, which would equal 22 inches. This would be the space center to center to mount your strut channel. Mount each piece with the 1/4″ roof lags, every 2 feet use a mounting lag. I used 1/4″ flat washers for each lag. After mounting the strut, ensure to have maintained the correct distance between them.

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