Fire Risks of Solar PV Installations

Although properly installed solar PV systems seldom cause a fire there’s a higher possibility that they might be involved in a fire which emanates from the building where such a system is installed.

A fire in these circumstances would raise the risk to the house owner as well as the emergency service staff. There are a number of basic precautions homeowners may take which will help prepare for this eventuality and perhaps decrease the seriousness of the consequences.

The most important precaution is to notify the neighborhood fire department that your property has been fitted with a solar PV system. They need to understand the location and quantity of solar panels as well as the location of the inverter and related electrical equipment.Check out if you want to search more about Fire Risks of Solar PV Installations.

In case of a fire, they would arrive completely aware of all of the hazards and additional precautions they would have to take. This is best done at the time of installation. It should also be noted during a call to the emergency services.

Again with all the emergency responders in mind, be sure that the installers have properly placed warning decals on the inverter, isolators and all-electric switches related to the PV system. This will assist the firefighters immediately identify how to shut the system down safely.

Check with your home insurers before you install solar PV to find out what their approach is to ensure the PV system, any damages caused by fire connected with, or caused by, a solar PV system. Also, ask how they would respond if the fire service made a strategic decision not to attempt to save a property because of exceptional risks to their firefighters.

As soon as your PV system was installed notify your insurance provider in writing. It’s quite possible that the installation of a solar PV system on your roof would increase the value of your house. When this and the rest of the risks are taken into consideration, it’s important that you’re adequately covered for all possible damage and loss.

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