Bowl of Milk and Cereal

When milk is pasteurized, it’s heated to a temperature that kills off the vast majority of bacteria that could exist within an unpasteurized milk. However, pasteurization also destroys good bacteria (probiotics), minerals and vitamins.

We usually see milk on the shelves of our grocers exclaiming: “Fortified with Vitamin ___”. This is because, nearly all vitamins and minerals were ruined during the heating process, and the milk sector should add something back to the milk, to be able to make it “nutritional.”

Along with this, milk is almost always fortified with Vitamin A, in the kind of retinoid. Retinoid comes from animal sources and has been associated with bone fractures. Don’t get me wrong; Vitamin A has many terrific characteristics. If you want to see more tips to grow animal milk visit

What else are you booting into your cereal bowl? I will not even try to touch upon the mistreatment of animals raised for milk, eggs, and meat. But, I will say, it’s NEVER a good idea to purchase or ingest dairy products which are inorganic. Why? Unless you’re running down the road to the neighborhood farmer, “Big Food” Milk Manufacturers are producing milk which is swimming with hormones, antibiotics, possible compounds, etc..

Ever pick up antibiotic, vitamin or supplement container and determine where it states: “Warning, don’t use if pregnant or nursing…”? This is because of the food, minerals, chemicals, and toxins that we ingest, while pregnant and nursing, are the same “nutrition” that will ultimately be used to nourish the offspring being nursed.

The same rule applies to our dear friend, Bessie. Big Food gives her antibiotics to remain alive, in a harsh and overcrowded living environment, and hormones- so that she can keep producing a growing number of milk… and guess what goes in that milk that your pouring into your cereal? Yikes!

While antibiotics can have numerous debilitating impacts, including killing off good bacteria, hormones disrupt the normal function of the human body. For those women which have been on any sort of hormonal pill, you know that has the capacity to alter the way your body functions and your mood, swings. Hormones aren’t something that you need to be pouring into your cereal.

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