DC Electric Power Rectifiers Control

Raise your DC power rectifier system’s lifetime, and receive a greater performance, friendly analytical tools and broad LAN communication options using the digital control at the reduced price.

Digital Controls

The FCR (Firing Circuit Replacement) is a TMEIC GE microprocessor-based process controller with dedicated I/O system, designed to be the control of moderate to large complexity SCR (Thyristor) bridges where the demand for innovative control requirements, higher speed response, expanded analytical capacity and various interfaces are beyond the capacity of conventional analog controller.

Firing Commands, Quick As Light

The fiber optic technology is a superb benefit of the FCR, in which the gating controls don’t have any lag in the order and response. Using Electric-Light conversion technology with FOT (Fiber Optic Transmission Board), the firings are sent to a Light-Electric inversion board.  Rather than this, If you want to get more info about diesel generator clicks on

The firing pulses are sent to the Light-Electric transmission board, which enables the FCR to control multiple bridge converters in 6 and 12 heartbeat configuration using 1 CPU and up to 24 heartbeats using 2 CPU’s.

Each fiber optic firing board has its healthful signals in the advantage of maintenance and diagnose. Fiber optic is also immune to electromagnetic interference, an extremely important feature when working in high current applications.

Diagnostic Tools

The GE Control System Toolbox is a Windows®-based operator interface application used to configure, tune, and monitor FCRís. Its user-friendly interface by using diagrams to see the signal flow, sequencing, and regulator controller from the FCR, which aids the operator at all levels of operation and setup with password protection levels for protecting the configuration.

Legislation and sequencing are driven by a set of parameters which can be edited/monitored with any of three operator-selected methods:

Functionally organized menus block diagrams that detail the regulators and sequencing function.
Wizards that guide the user through a comprehensive drive configuration and tune-ups.
The drive control window that enables the user to control the machine from the toolbox, using the look and feel of this drive diagnostic Interface.
Trend Recorder

The tendency recorder monitors and charts indicate values from toolbox and charts data collection analysis (.dca) files. Data can also be saved and exported for different applications, like spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.

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