Breathing Problems in Pet Birds

Over the last four months, my gray pet cockatiel was having breathing difficulties after seeing my mother’s house. We’d been going there for about seven years now. I couldn’t determine what the problem might have been because my little bird never had trouble breathing before.

The first time my gray cockatiel couldn’t breathe very well as three times after we’d visited mom. When my birds were startled by a blue jay that flew from the living room window, this caused them to frantically fly in circles. I went to grab my birds, and my gray friend collapsed into my palms.

My poor bird was panting very difficult. I was terribly worried about my buddy. He had never been like this before. He could hardly stand up and was panting at exactly the identical time. I wasn’t certain if my gray cockatiel was overheated, so I brought him along with my other small bird to the toilet to give them a spray whirlpool tub. if you want to explore more aboutĀ Breathing Problems in Pet Birds click onĀ

The mist bath stopped the panting of my cherished friend. I was relieved, but he was still very weak when standing. I brought him and my other bird to the bedroom and put my gray bird to his cage and my pied cockatiel to his own cage. I closed the cage doors so that my other bird wouldn’t attempt and play with him. I wanted my little friend to rest and recover.

I let my gray bird sleep with himself the rest of the night and day. The following morning he was much better. He was more powerful and ate more food. I thought I’d wait a week before I brought my critters back over to see my mother again.

Things were different the last couple of months at my elderly mother’s home because she wanted a stay-at-home nurse to help take care of her. A couple of months before, she’d dropped and broken her left arm in three places and fractured her left hip.

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