Colocation Service for Your Server

Colocation refers to keeping your dedicated server in a rack as well as different servers, all of which share a bandwidth allowance. You just take your server to a colocation facility where it’s installed into the rack and then the center provides the bandwidth, IP address, and electricity to it.

You may access and use the server from your office just as you would with regular web hosting, but in this instance, you have the server hardware. This is a benefit in itself, but there are quite a few other benefits of using a colocation service that is described below.

First, the fact that you have the server hardware yourself in colocation is excellent because it means you could upgrade it any moment. If you believe your machines, and hence your site, is running slowly or requires more memory you can simply purchase and install an update via

In the case of web hosting, you might still have the ability to upgrade but will normally be charged an additional monthly lease fee for this additional memory, which will work out more costly overall than buying new hardware on your own.

In addition to the hardware, you also have all of the applications on your server. In web hosting one server is usually shared between multiple users and the applications owned by the internet hosting company, which raises your reliance online host. As a colocation user with your own server, you have complete control over which applications you want to install on your own server and when.

Arguably the biggest benefit of working with a colocation service is the saving that you make on bandwidth. For the exact cost that you would pay for a comparatively slow, basic DSL line, you can set your server at a colocation facility providing much greater bandwidth rate.

You might even realize that you pay less for this service than you would on your own line. With regular web hosting you will usually also need to pay a fee for going over your bandwidth limit, which can be quite pricey, so colocation is certainly the best choice concerning a cheap bandwidth allowance.

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