3 Adventures In Thailand You Shouldn’t Miss

Thailand brims with unraveling mystery and stimulating sensory experiences and adventures. From the poignant beaches and sunsets, to the exhilarating and breathtaking experiences in the flora and fauna of tropical rainforests and wildlife and startling mysteries of Hellfire pass in Thailand; the country is truly inspirational and mesmerizing.


If you want the adrenaline rush and want to stimulate your senses to enjoy Thailand to its full capacity, you should not miss out on these 3 adventures, which prove to be some of the many life changing experiences:

1. Deep sea diving in Koh Tao:

If you want to experience deep sea diving, Koh Tao is the place to go. Due to its awesome visibility under the crystal-clear waters, it is counted as a truly magnificent experience. You get to see numerous different types of marine life, wrecks, corals and tropical fish and the water is mostly warm. The best months to dive in are July, August and September, when the water is really warm and the visibility is clearer than ever.

2. Jungle trekking around Pai:

If you are up for some jungle adventure and exploration, jungle trekking around Pao is truly fascinating and suitable for your interests. Get yourselves lost in the luch green tropical jungles, go zip lining if you want to indulge in the beauty of some breathtaking aerial views of tropical jungles of Thailand.

3. Sea kayaking at Ao Nang Bay:

Want to explore the sea on surface level? Kayaking is a truly fun-filled as well as a thrilling activity! Full of white sand beaches and sea caves and steep cliffs, the experience is truly inspirational and memorable. You can enjoy the calmness of the sea and also enjoy many different surprises which come along your way in the form of mangrove mazes or sea caves comprising of stalactite. The beauty of the sea line is on its peak at Ao Nang Bay.

So, if you find yourself in Thailand, ensure that you don’t miss out on these 3 exciting adventures.

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