Are there any concerns about Amit Ambalal paintings?

If you look closely at the global community comprising of painters, what you realize is that there are a lot of people that simply do not have any idea about Amit Ambalal paintings, or have not been able to see good bodies of art from such people. One has to realize that it is not therefore, but rather the fault of the Indian painting community for not showcasing their beauty to the global audience. This is the reason why when painters like Amit Ambalal get appropriate amount of accolades for their work, you realize that marketing is also a very important part in the painting community.

So, in the current trend, Indian painting community does not have any kind of concerns pertaining to Amit Ambalal paintings. However, one has to realize that they are extremely backward when you compare them to the European painters. So, they would need to catch up on the marketing tactics, of the amount of exposure that they would require in order to become famous. Indian painters like Amit Ambalal have definitely brought a lot to the table, and it is now upon the younger generation to ensure that proper traditions of Indian paintings can be followed and it can be showcased to the global arena.

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