The global scenario dealing with Indian paintings

If you think that you would want to take a look at Indian paintings, all you need to do is to visit the galleries that are strewn all over the country. Of course, there could be a task in itself, and it is definitely an exercise that you need to undertake all by yourself. This way, you would be able to get a wonderful idea on Indian paintings on how it has been portrayed on the global sphere. Painters like Amit Ambalal have been able to strive through decades of hard work before they have even been able to get the kind of recognition that they are currently getting.

In contrast to the global scenario, people like Amit Ambalal have not been able to get the kind of recognition that they should deserve. However, they are still getting a little bit of the attention from their fellow countrymen when it comes to Indian paintings. The global scenario for Indian paintings happens to be improving, what with the influence of the Internet in getting the kind of exposure that they deserve. However, it is still a lot less than what a European painter would be able to see when they are looking at contemporary paintings of their own.

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