Bantayan Island Things You Can Do

When you hear the place Bantayan Island, you may think of beach hopping but did you know that you can do more than that. Here’s a list of awesome things to do on the island that will give you an idea to enjoy Bantayan Island more.

Motorbike or Bike Tour

You can roam around the island by renting a bike or motorbike as you visit the serene neighborhood. The bikes can also bring you to the island’s most beautiful areas and sceneries. The rental cost 200 Pesos for eight hours and the motorbike costs 500 Pesos good for a day.

Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort

Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort is an 8-hectare protected nature park with various species of fauna and flora that inhabited the area. The place is a home of natural cave pool that is located within Santo Niño Cave which looks like a treasure because of its golden lighting effect. Only 20 people are allowed to get inside at the same time within a given time. The entrance costs 200 Pesos and the use of Jacuzzi of 500 Pesos.

Ogtong Cave

The cave is located inside the premise of Ogtong Cave Resort. You can enjoy the natural pool within the cave by paying 200 Pesos for the entrance fee. You can also have the access to their resort’s pool and stunning beachfront by paying the entrance fee.

Dried Goods Shopping

Bantayan Island is also known to be one of the producers of dried seafood products, so if you like to taste the place, you should not forget to buy any type of these goods.

Beach Hopping

You will be amazed at the Kota Beach and you can stargaze with your friends at Sugar Beach, explore Obo-ob Beach, wade across the waters of Ogtong beach, or you can play around the white sands of Santa Fe Beach Club.

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