Taxotere Chemotherapy Hair Loss Lawsuit Alleges Failure to Warn

Sanofi Aventis is facing a fresh chemotherapy hair thinning lawsuit filed by way of a South Carolina female alleging she endured everlasting alopecia after using Taxotere (docetaxel).

Plaintiff Pearl M. decided to use Taxotere for breasts cancers treatment after researching the company’s adverts, and alleges that she experienced received no warnings or signs of everlasting hair loss.

She is processing a chemotherapy hair thinning lawsuit after allegedly once and for all losing her mane from Taxotere. To hire best taxotere lawsuit lawyer you can also visit at

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Pearl was identified as having breast cancers in Sept 2003, after diagnostic testing got found malignant facts in her right breasts.

Fortunately she was diagnosed during Level I, with her treatment potential clients stronger. After considering bilateral mastectomies, Pearl consulted her oncologist regarding different chemotherapy treatment plans.

During this time period, her oncologist was not alert to the opportunity of Taxotere long lasting hair thinning and got no reason never to consider it was a effective and safe.

Pearl underwent four cycles of Taxotere chemotherapy treatment cycles and finally experienced hair thinning.

For a long time, Pearl was required to cope with alopecia, and didn’t observe Taxotere’s relationship with everlasting hair thinning until 2016.

Following the FDA declared that Taxotere could cause long term hair thinning, Pearl had submitted her chemotherapy hair thinning lawsuit.

Summary of Taxotere HAIR THINNING

Hair thinning is a common side-effect associated with chemotherapy drugs, as these medications work by focusing on rapidly growing skin cells.

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