Mayweather versus McGregor LA question and answer: Five things we gained from the strange experience

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor met for the first run through on Tuesday evening, in a typically unpredictable pre-battle question and answer session.

The meeting, which was as similarly threatening as it was dreamlike, saw the two men acquainted with the phase before they each tended to thousands of fans at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The match at that point gone head to head, with Dana White and Floyd Snr both close by to keep things from overheating when both Mayweather and McGregor started animatedly yelling in each other's appearances.

Both men were then immediately dragged away in front of Wednesday's experience.

The question and answer session was the first in a shriek stop squeeze visit, with comparable occasions being moved toward Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with the last meeting due to be held in London.

The battle is booked to occur in Las Vegas on August 26, at the T-Mobile Arena.

Yet, what five things did we gain from this emotional first question and answer session?

McGregor has general society on his side

Scarcely shocking — however this initially question and answer session made it totally obvious that Conor McGregor has the general population on his side.

Countless fans amassed for the LA question and answer session arrived either decked out in UFC merch or gladly waving Irish banners, and Mayweather even had a banner hurled at him as he advanced toward the stage, encompassed by heavies.

Showtime boss Stephen Espinoza was completely booed when he started wittering on about Mayweather's heritage, while UFC president Dana White was cheered uproariously when he presented McGregor.

And after that there was simply the response to the two men. Mayweather was over and again overwhelmed with scoffs, while McGregor just needed to raise his hand to the air to be welcomed with the sound of thousands singing his name.

Mayweather endeavored to disrupt his opponent

The most noteworthy line of this question and answer session? It wasn't anything said by both of the suits — Espinoza or Richard Sturm — and it absolutely wasn't anything said by White, who treated the LA group to all of around 12 words.

Not a chance. Typically, it was something said by McGregor.

This battle will be political

After the battle, the enormous PR operations around the two men rapidly sprung without hesitation.

Some chalked it up as an impeccable triumph for Mayweather. Others said that McGregor wiped the floor with his adversary. In any case: it was hard to find a straight solution on who showed signs of improvement of the primary question and answer session.

Furthermore, this is really going to happen…

At long last, simply observing the two men stood one next to the other pounded home that this battle is really going to happen.

It's absurd. The best cautious boxer ever — if not the best boxer in the historical backdrop of the game time frame — going up against a man who hasn't boxed aggressively since he was a young person, with a star record of 0-0.

Be that as it may, cash talks, and the two men are really going to get it on. There is positively no possibility McGregor will beat Mayweather in the ring. But then that little certainty isn't probably going to prevent anybody from viewing.

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