Why You Should Enroll In The Gleim EA Review

When it comes to preparing for the enrolled agent exam, you really want to invest in some type of ea review course.  While you can take the enrolled agent exam without studying and hope that you pass, it's pretty unlikely that you will get a passing score in all three sections of the exam without studying.  One extremely popular course to prepare for the enrolled agent exam, is the gleim ea review course, since it's fairly affordable and uses the latest adaptive testing technology.

If you are not familiar with how adaptive testing works, don't feel left out, it's a fairly new way of learning.  What adaptive testing allows, is the online course to basically personalize your own individual course outline, based on how well you do at answering test questions.  As you become proficient at answering test questions, the software will record which concepts you have mastered and either not show similar questions or show far fewer of those types of questions in the future.  The benefit of adaptive learning is that it allows you to spend more time covering the concepts you are having trouble with and generally prepare for the enrolled agent exam quicker.  Besides the adaptive testing software, you still get physical workbooks covering all of the concepts on the exam, which are packed full of information.

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