LASIK Side Effects and Complications

Millions of people have already undergone LASIK eye procedure and, fortunately, it has produced high success rate. Nevertheless, patients who have undergone the said procedure also experienced several side effects and complications especially right after the procedure. So if you are considering undergoing LASIK, read more about what you should expect from it.

Momentary Vision Disturbance

After the surgery, most patients experience discomfort which usually lasts for about a couple of days. Sensitivity to light and mild irritation may occur. Nevertheless, these problems are only temporary and will completely disappear after three months.

Flap Complications

LASIK eye procedure involves creating a thin flap on the eye's cornea. Because of this, there might be some complications dealing with the healing flap. It will certainly do you good if you choose an experienced and reputable eye surgeon in order to prevent this type of complication.

Epithelial Ingrowth

This occurs when cells grow under the thin flap covering the cornea. Although only 1-2% of patients are affected by this type of complication, it is still significant considering that it may cause discomfort and blurred vision. In such cases, additional surgery may be needed.

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