Little Tikes Race Car Bed

 Your toddlers won't be using his/her Little Tikes toddler bed to sleep in, it'll probably be Prime Location #1 for his daytime adventures as well. These beds are meant to appeal to the imaginative adventurer in our toddlers, and they're way more than just a place to toddler bedding set

Your shipment may travel through many distribution centers and trucking terminals before it is delivered to you. Sometimes the boxes arrive dented, opened, have holes from fork trucks, or re-taped by the trucking company. The product inside may be just fine, so please accept the delivery. Little Tikes will 100% guarantee to replace any damaged part or missing part free of charge.

Can you remember the time when your Mom told you to go to bed early so that you will grow taller and healthier? Sadly, Mom never offered any plausible explanations as to why we needed to go to bed early. This is especially true when we were still toddlers and preschoolers. Maybe she did explain it to us but it was so long ago that we have somehow forgotten all about it. Besides, our language and comprehension skills may not yet be that fully developed when Mom attempted to explain.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Bedtime Made Easier I bought this bed for my grandson. Long story but he is 2 and did not sleep in his own bed. We set up his Thomas bed the week it arrived and I am happy to say he is sleeping in his own bed and he likes it. Every time he has guests over he has to take them straight into his room to show off his bed.

The Jackpot is a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours, designed to fire up the imagination of young children. With a play area on top of the loft bed, this amazing design has multiple levels of fun and adventure! A bit like a circus tent, the Jackpot kids loft bed has a tent like curtain that is tailored to fit over a sturdy wooden frame. In the shape of a big top, and decorated with bright colours and shapes, kids will not need a second invitation to jump in and start playing in this playground.

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