Four Easy Outdoor Lighting Ideas

If you are a homeowner, you are probably always on the lookout for some new outdoor lighting ideas for your home landscaping. Regardless of where you intend to put more light, whether right outside your house, in the backyard, or in any other area of your landscape, you will benefit by writing down your ideas before you begin installation.

To give you a head start, the following article presents four easy outdoor lighting ideas to consider for illuminating your home landscape areas at night. 


With downlighting, a spotlight or floodlight is placed high in a tree and pointed downwards to illuminate a large area, including the trunk and lower parts of the tree. Downlighting is a terrific way to create unique lighting effects that add beauty and personality to specific areas of your yard.

Path Lighting

Path lighting is a simple but incredibly useful idea for lighting path and walkway areas. Place LED lights along an outdoor path to clearly light the way through your garden and to your doorstep. When guests come to your home, you want them to make it safely to your door. Path lighting is a great way to ensure your walkway is lit well enough at night so they don't accidently misstep and take a fall.

Solar Powered Lighting

Solar landscape lighting has become very popular the last few years for lighting outdoor areas. Solar lights use the power of the sun rather than electricity from your home. Solar lights are a safe and convenient way to light your landscape, as well as economical, and energy efficient. It is a "green technology" that uses a renewable energy source – the free ultraviolet rays from the sun. Solar lights are very inexpensive, and are available at most gardening centers, home improvement stores, and online retailers.

Shadow Lighting

Shadow lighting is a technique where light is projected onto an object that is in front of "canvas." The canvas can be a wall, the side of a house, garage, or shed. By placing a fixture on the ground that projects light upwards towards an object such as a tree, or shrub, that object will cast a shadow on the canvas behind it.

The farther the object is from the canvas, the larger and blurrier the shadow. When the object is closer to the canvas, the shadow's outline will be more tightly defined.  Shadow lighting is a good way to highlight a tree or shrub or landscape feature with an unusual or exotic shape.

With all of these lighting tips in mind, you can easily keep your lawn illuminated even at night. For more landscaping tips, please check out or read some of its articles by clicking this link.

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