How I Used Facebook to Sell Discount Party Supplies Online

I am a seller of discount party supplies. A lot of my friends, relatives and colleagues buy discount party supplies from me every time they wanted to host a party. I was happy doing business this way. But, something kept telling me that I had to expand my party supply business. I had a lot of good quality, latex balloons, crepe streamers, ribbons, garlands and many other party decorations which deserved to reach a bigger number of customers. I kept brainstorming and I failed to recognize an obvious way of scaling my business which is nothing but the usage of the internet.

Once I realized that the internet is a powerful medium which can help me sell discount party supplies to more customers, I started thinking how I would do that. I knew that I needed an ecommerce website to showcase my party supplies and decorations online. But, I didn’t really have the budget or the time or the inclination to get a website created anytime soon. That is when I figured that Facebook was the best medium online to promote my discount party supplies on the internet. With Facebook, I didn’t even need a website. I just created a Facebook page for my business and started posting images of my products regularly.

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