Corporate seal vs common seal

A corporate seal is used in place of a company’s signature. The seal commonly includes the company’s name or any other content which is printed on two sides of metal; one is caved inwards while other is projected outwards. A corporate seal also goes by the name of common seal; the seal has various uses inside a company. A seal is used mainly in business documents like share certificates, major contracts, deeds, legal documents etc.

Every company has its own common seal and it proves that the company is officially licensed and registered according to laws of government. A seal can be made by placing an order to any common seal maker and by addressing the content that a company wants to be printed on its seal.

The seal works like a stamp and is no different than a stamp. However, a seal commonly carries the printed logo of the company and is usually used as an authentication for the documents that it has been approved and carefully read by the company.

Prices of seal vary from maker to maker and everyone sets up their charges for the services they offer. A common seal cost might start from any price range so a defining a specific starting price will be so wrong.

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