Thoughts on Executive Presence

 Some of us were quick to point out certain successful business people who do not "dress for success" or have that certain executive presence about them. We don’t think about back it up really is a problem.  Our argument is that a capable leader will go farther and have greater impact if they also have a strong realtionship. You can search about thoughts on executive presence at!executivepresencecoaches/jz03q.

Some people seeing to actually been affected by how they'd been treated by past executives/leaders. Their as leaders, have on the people around us. The emotional impact of our words and actions is long remembered.

We define who we are as executives, as leaders, and as people, by our words and our actions. More specifically, we define who we are by the picture our words and our actions paint about us over time.

Successful executives develop a certain air about them. Not an exclusive attitude or one of superiority, but one of refinement.


Executive presence is all about in  how you look, how you smell, how your voice sounds, how you carry yourself, what words you are using, and what energy you send out.

If you are trying to prove the CEO of your newest idea, you want to portray an image of intelligence, competence and confidence. You will want to exercise respect. Keep your ego out of it.

Making solid, fearless eye contact attractions people in to you, helping them to trust you and see you as an authority of whatever topic you are discussing. When you make direct eye contact, the message you are sending is that you are listening, interested, showing respect and concern that people will appreciate.

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