Should You Adopt A Chihuahua?

If you have young children in your house, high chance is that the breeders will not sell you a Chihuahua, as young kids can easily injure a chihuahua, who is of a really small size, by pulling their best flea collar for dogs, or pick their tails or kick them. Even when children tend to treat everything like this and other dogs may not have a problem, but chihuahuas are so small that even the slightest gesture can injure them. Chihuahuas' ears are very prone to earwax. Earwax tends to build up in their ears, as well as dry skin. As short coated as they are, the skin on the chihuahua's body is also easy to get dry. Chihuahuas need to exercise at least 20 or 30 minutes a day, every day. if you can not provide your dog with this required time of exercise, he will release his energy inside the house by chewing on your things or keep bothering you when you are at rest or when you are working. Even when their personalities are bigger than life, they can ruin your life if you let them too. As they get too bored, chihuahuas tend to be destructive. If their diet is fussed over, they become finicky eaters. therefore, it is best if you always provide them with the best dry dog food.

If you want your chihuahua to be healthy, you should never buy them from a back yard breeder, a puppy mill or a pet store. In fact, there is no dog or animal you should buy from back yard breeders or pet stores. You should instead go to the reputable breeders who can test their dogs for genetic health conditions. They can make sure that the dog you get is of good temperaments. They can also provide you with all the certification of health and heart diseases. 

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